View what commands BloxBot has and see what they do.

Roblox Commands


Be able to view the RAP, description and even pictures of any Roblox users.

Inputs Examples Description
Username "Jonny_Apple445" Search users by username.
ID "16545756" Search users by their Roblox user ID.


Be able to join the game or just view the the details of Roblox games.

Inputs Examples Description
Game "Canterbury Bus Simulator" Search games by the game name.
ID "16545756" Search games by the Roblox game ID.


Be able to view details of Roblox groups.

Inputs Examples Description
Group "Sky Travel LTD" Search groups by the group name.
ID "16545756" Search groups by the Roblox group ID.


Be able to view any items on the Roblox 'Avatar Shop'.

Inputs Examples Description
Name "Chesee Hat" Search for items by the item name.
ID "1097026" Search items by the Roblox item ID.
type "Hats" Filter items by item types.
Creator "Roblox" Filter items by creators name.
Creator_Type "User" Filter items by creators type.
Min_Price "10" Filter items by the minimum price.
Max_Price "100" Filter items by the maximum price.

Other Commands


Provides help to use the bot.


Ask the bot a question and get a reply.

Inputs Examples Description
Question "Do you like hamsters?" Ask the bot the question


Get the links related to the bot.

Inputs Examples Description
type "Bot" Get ether the bot, server or website links.


Provides information about the bot.


Provides the response time of the bot.


Provides technical details about the bot.